Fundraising has never been more difficult and at the same time critical to non-profit organisations as today. There is globally more need for funds by a growing number of non-profits and the donor community is evolving.

We support you in developing and implementing the best funding model for your organization. Our services assist you to:

Build the Best Funding Model

Build the Best Funding Model

  • We help you build the best funding model for you. Whether it is conventional campaigning or social investment we help you identify and develop it.

Improve Practical Fundraising

Improve Practical Fundraising

  • Regardless of the fundraising challenge, our experts will use their rich experience to provide you with the best fitting solutions to realize your true potential.

Develop Top Projects & Winning Bids

Develop Top Projects & Winning Bids

  • We help you develop projects that stand out and rise above the competition. We have developed winning bids worth millions of dollars and will use our donor specific expertise and knowledge to boost your success.



Align your Marketing

Align your Marketing

  • We assist you to align your marketing and communications to your funding model and effectively address the markets that you need to revitalizes or enter.


1 Build the Best Business Model Possible


Fundraising is one of the most challenging and resource consuming activities of non-profits yet often it is not clear whether the made efforts are as optimal as possible.

We support you with building an institutionalized and yet out of the box approach to which will help you build a reliable revenue base. We:


  • Analyse your current Business model

  • Look at alternatives and identify costs and revenue potential

  • Help you choose and introduce the best funding models


Whether it is conventional campaigning or innovative social investment we will help you develop it.

  This will give you:

  • A clear funding strategy

  • A list of key investments and shifts needed in support of your funding model

  • A detailed, customized implementation and communication plan


We can draw on a multi-disciplinary team to tackle it from all angles, providing sector expertise through our extensive and growing consultant base.


2 Practical Fundraising


Our experts held senior fundraising and business development positions in the development sector and have significant hands-on fundraising experience. Weatherit is:

  • Prospect Research and major gift programmes

  • Developing your campaigns

  • Digital and on-line strategic and technical solutions

  • Or any other fundraising challenge

We can draw on a multi-disciplinary team to tackle your issues from different perspectives, providing objective, expert analysis and recommendationsto realize your true potential.

3 Develop Winning Bids


The institutional donor environment is undergoing continues shifts and writing successful bids is evermore a specialization.

We provide you with extensive tender and proposal writing support. This includes:

  • Scanning and monitoring of suitable bid opportunities for your organization

  • Development of strong projects and partner search

  • Writing of successful bids.

Our contributions have helped our clients attract millions of dollars’ and we can help you do the same. We offer expert input, whether this is for EU funding, USAID or any other institution. Our experts can review one bid or offer interim or fully outsourced grant writing support.

4 Aligned Marketing and Communications


Once you have your business model established you need to also align you marketing towards the markets that you target with your model.  Marketing and communications is not just a logo and set of colours and it is often what makes the difference between success and failure of nonprofit activities.

Our marketing advice is targeted to the needs of non-profits which is often very different than that of for profits. We work with our clients optimise their marketing activitiesto revitalizes existing markets and penetrate new ones. Our research and advisory services will allow you to:

  • Establish the best possible marketpositioning.

  • Effective rebranding and promotion of your programmes and services.

  • Ensure that you make most of effective use of different communication channels appropriate to your audience whether digital or printed.



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