Monitoring & Evaluation


We have worked with various international and local nonprofits to improve monitoring and evaluation practices across the nonprofit sector.  This both involves organizational performance measurement and project level monitoring and evaluation.

We help you with designing robust and practical measurement methodologies that promote learning and continuous improvement. Our experts will help you to:


  • Design performance management systems,

  • Develop multi-year measurement and evaluations plans

  • Collect, verify and store information/data

  • Analyze data and generate reports.

Engage us early in the programme/project design stage and we will help you design results-based programmes. Tapping into our extensive experience with working with all major donor organizations we will help you develop key project resources including logical frameworks and Program Monitoring and Evaluation (PM&E) plans.

We also conduct external evaluation of your projects. Our evaluations provide information on the relevance and efficacy of programs at all stages of implementation and inform stakeholders on possible social and economic impact of policies and progress of projects. This allows us to contribute to learning by highlighting successes amidst specific challenges which our clients use to ensure further success of their projects and programs.

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