Our clients strive to make this world a better place and we are here to help them develop the right strategies for doing so.

By joining your team, we help you to clarify your big vision, align resources to funds, measure the progress made, and ultimately achieve the outcomes that your organization aims for.

Our strategy work addresses the following particular areas:

Organisational Development

Organisational Development

Answers to Questions such as
  • What critical strategies you need to enhance your impact?
  • What structure, process, and talent are necessary to achieve your goals?
  • How can you engage your trustees and staff more in organisational development?

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Answers to Questions such as
  • What revenue sources you can tap into for sustaining your work?
  • What is the right mix of income streams for us?
  • How can we make our fundraising more efficient and effective?

Marketing and Communications

Marketing and Communications

Answers to Questions such as
  • How do we make our communications more result oriented?
  • How can we reach the right people with a better message?
  • How can we make our communications more efficient?

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M&E and

Answers to Questions such as
  • How can we track and report our progress better?
  • How will we learn and improve over time?

Although the structure of our work and specific tools used can differ each time based on the needs of each client yet in each of the strategy areas will help you to:


1 Achieve strategic clarity, this means clarifying

  • The goals of your organisation

  • Your intended impact (what you would hold yourself accountable for)

  • And how your work will lead to that impact (Theory of Change)

2 Set Strategic priorities. We conduct both internal and external assessments to

  • Identify actions and activities that will make the theory of change happen,

  • Evaluation of current programmatic work and opportunities for improvement.

3 Identify resource implications.

  • Identify the resources—financial, human, and organizational—necessary to achieve the set priorities, and a plan to secure them.

4 Develop an implementation plan and performance measurement

  • Steps that are critical for each priority

  • Roles and responsibilities

  • Millstones to be tracked

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