Organizational Development

Once you have a sound strategy, you need to implement it effectively to generate impact. We use our experience and industry proven tools to help you assess and improve effectiveness.

Our advisory support, trainings and technical solutions will help strengthen your performance management. With a 360 degree approach we target all key elements of organizational effectiveness including:


We strengthen the leadership development processes in your organisation which enhanced overall performance health and impact of the organization.

Decision Making Structure

o We help you to improve speed and effectiveness of decision making, reduce unnecessary conflict and increase transparency.

Work processes and Systems

o Increase the effectiveness of staff time and efforts, build flexibility to identify and tap into new opportunities for increased impact.

What we Do

1 We gather data:

we gather information and identify strengths and also weaknesses of the organization. Senior leadership is questioned to identify:

      1. Whether all heads are looking towards the same direction and/or whether strategic proprieties are tied to clear millstones and accountability structures.

      2. How the internal structure and processes are benefiting work, are reporting lines and decision making structure clear and functional.

      3. Is the necessary human resources available and how individual and team objectives and performance incentives align.


2 We analyse Data:

We analyse the collected data to rigorously and systematically assess your strengths and weaknesses in each area central to organizational effectiveness.



3 Generate solutions:

Based on the analysis we develop alternatives solutions to the identified weaknesses and develop the strengths.



> Enhanced Leadership

We work with our clients to strengthen their leadership development processes. This allows your staff to receive the skill development it needs and to feel more positive about career trajectories which in turn reduces dissatisfaction and turnover

We help you with identification and development of individuals who will lead the critical functions of the organization and who, in partnership with others, will be responsible for overall health and impact of the organization.

“I am a leader who is actively engaged in finding young talent and developing new leaders, but I find myself alone in this at our company…”

– COO, community improvement organization


> Clear Decision Making

Nonprofits have critical decisions to make and yet often face unclear decision making processes and roles which at least create bottlenecks.  We work to enhance decision making processes that help our clients:

  • Improve speed and effectiveness of decision making by giving authority to the right single decision maker

  • Enhance transparency and accountability decision making

  • Reduce unnecessary conflict during the process

“Lack of clear decision-making processes and roles is a major problem in our organization” Non-profit Manager


> Effective Processes & Systems

Effective organizational processes allow opportunities for cost savings, increased donor and constituent satisfaction, improved internal communications and better team dynamics.We work with our clients to optimize work processes that realize:

  • Increased effectiveness of staff work time

  • Roles are clear and responsibilities are shared effectively

  • People have the necessary skills, resources and incentives

  • Quality of output is measured, receives feedback and is improved

Therefore we help you to:

  • Identify and map the current processes in your organization

  • Evaluate process; prioritize areas for re-design

  • Develop the right implementation plan

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